Polar Express or Bust!

Well, it depends on how you look at it, of course… traveling with three children ages 4 and under is no joke, people! Not that I was planning on having a relaxing time or anything, we (Trev and I) were just not prepared at how chaotic it would be. Really, Luke (4 yrs) and Huds (7 mos) were pretty cake, it was our lil’ feisty Loges (2 yrs next month) that was the handful!

Regardless, it was family time away and I loved every minute (ok, truthfully, there were quite a few minutes I didn’t love so much, but you get the idea 😉 and, as our first (maybe last! ha!) family vacation away, it’s one that will go down in the books!

Family vacation, to me, is time spent with the family, regardless of where we go! Going to Temecula to visit (and stay!) with family, for example, is also a vacation to us 😉 You’ll see in the photos below what was most important to me this past weekend, hope you enjoy and thanks for coming along


my silly Lukey ♥

me and my baby, Hudson ♥ this may be one of three photos with me in them since his birth 7 months ago, what a shame!!


HA! ♥


This is pretty much how the trip went


lol ♥

oh my gosh! a family photo!!! even if it’s all crazy, it’s 100% representative of our lil’ family ♥

capturing him as he is… dirt on the face and all ♥

Mr. Independent right here, wanted nothing to do with holding hands, sitting in our arms, nothing! and those mittens, his favorite!!!

he absolutely LOVED the entertainment on the train ride to the Grand Canyon

(for anyone planning a trip, I definitely recommend sitting first class if you have kids, so comfy!)

oh, this silly face, mom? lol.

Lil’ Huds lovin’ up on grandma ♥

Some of these are shot blind and out of focus but i love them just the same ♥

Huds’ first time in the big boy bath with his brothers, lol, he clearly wasn’t much of a fan!

Lil’ Logies fell and chipped his tooth on the river walk in Laughlin, guess he’ll always be able to say that he lost a little piece of himself there 😉

“Hey, what’cha doin’ Lukey?” “Just watchin’ Sofia the First, mom, see!”

Please, Lord, let this be the only time I see my baby behind bars ♥

a little impromptu photo shoot of my Hudsies ♥

the 7.5 hr drive back home wasn’t so bad since we made pit stops to stretch legs and run around every couple hours. love, love, LOVE watching Trev with our boys ♥

throwin’ rocks ♥

Ah, the crazier my life becomes the more I appreciate and find beauty in the simple things, like a gorgeous sunset. I hope I always remember to appreciate and cherish the simple ♥




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