Big Bear or Bust!

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday weekend with our family in Big Bear this year. Our family from Temecula. We rarely see them but when we do, it’s like we haven’t skipped a beat and all is right in the world <3 Remember our trip from last year (, I can’t believe how the boys have grown in a year! They’re *almost* getting to the age where traveling with kids is a *little* easier… I won’t talk about Luke feeling car sick going up (and down!) the mountain, Luke having a couple/few nose bleeds due to the dry air, Huds giving EVERYONE (kids included!) a run for their money… or Loges and Huds sleeping like champs ;)! We all had SO much fun, a much needed family vacation with our loved ones that we miss so much <3

AWP_5568edit copy
AWP_5575 copy
AWP_5588 copy

AWP_5625 copy
AWP_5653 copy
AWP_5660 copy
AWP_5604 copy
AWP_5908 copy
AWP_5907 copy
AWP_5898 copy
AWP_5894 copy
AWP_5880 copy
AWP_5861 copy
AWP_5849 copy
AWP_5842 copy
AWP_5835 copy
AWP_5783 copy
AWP_5773 copy
AWP_5765 copy
AWP_5763 copy
AWP_5779 copy
AWP_5700 copy



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